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Hirschen Glottertal, Hotel & Restaurant

The Vineyard

The Glottertal ist very well- known for its good wine. But what makes our wine so special?

Good wine is „made by the sun“. Glottertal’s vineyards belong to the steepest ones in Germany. This causes that the grapes are very good reached by the sunlight which is the reason for our extraordinary good wine. A further quality characteristic is the harvest of our wine that is mostly done by hand work, as because of the the steep hillside situation it’s nearly impossible to use any machines vintage. This combination of traditional hand work and geographical situation gives our wine its high quality – that finally benefits you by enjoying a glass of it with a good meal and a marvelous view of a stunning landscape.

For example enjoy the Spätburgunder Weißherbst of our private wine-cellar, which with its full-bodied, fruity flavor pampers your palate in such a way that you will still remember it for a long time.

And if you need a „Verrisserle“ (Baden dialekt for digestif ) after your meal: Our in-house distillery offers you a wide selection of home- made schnaps.

Visit us. We will enthuse you.

All wines and digestifs can be ordered from us. Please ask for our wine list and order form.

Or download our price list as PDF-file.